Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Acck! It has been a month already!

Oh no!  I can't believe that it has been a month since I have posted!

So quick run down of the last month....

1) Got to go to the Capitol to lobby our legislators on important issues in Oregon!  It was a ton of fun! (You can see what OLCV has been working on here at

2) I got to go to our awesome annual celebration and fundraiser with my hubby!  It was nuts!  There were over 1,200 people there.  You can see photos on our facebook page here.  And if you wonder what I do for a living, or why I do the work I do, check out this awesome video that we played at the dinner!

Also, I made my dress for the dinner!  What do you think?  I love vintage patterns!

(I also love my new program to play with

3) My family was here!  I was happy to see mom and dad and great to have some time (never as much as I want) to just hang out with them!  

4) Earth Day and Earth Week!  I worked super hard all this month in prep for Earth Week.  We tabled in some of my counties, and did other great event.  But I am glad that it is done....whew!  And it was beautiful outside!

(This is a photo of our a capella band, On the Rocks behind our UO Earth Day table.)

5) Lot's of celebrating of birthdays!  There have been several April birthdays, including my hubby's!  We got to go to the roller derby over the weekend to celebrate a few b-day's....

And then a whole weekend of parties!

6) Playing with new baby chickens, big girls and my garden.  There is a ton of work to do, but it is going well so far.  And my new girls are getting big!

Pretty daffodils in our front yard!

This is robot...she is a Jersey Giant, so she will be huge!

Killface...our crazy Wyandotte.

Kiltro (a great movie, btw) our baby Welsummer.

This is Ji Rou....I actually can't remember what she is.  She is going to turn black and white, tho!

And, of course I can't leave out my big girls!  I thought this was cute. 

7) Training for the marathon!  This weekend, on May Day, my friend and I are going to run the FULL marathon!  I am not sure that we will survive, but we will try!

Here is the video of our course....

2011 Eugene Marathon Course from Brian Flindt on Vimeo.

I will make sure to get pics up of the run!

Have a great rest of your week!