Saturday, June 8, 2013

Feature Fridays Revisits....Sneezy Detour!

I have definitely been enjoying doing Feature Fridays (even if I am late on occasion....), but today I thought that it would be fun to look back at a few of the blogs that I featured early on in the Feature Fridays and see what they have been up to lately!  Today I want to check back in with one of the first blogs I featured - Sneezy Detour!

So, what has Sneezy Detour been up to?  You may remember back from my first post on this great blog, that this blog's tagline is "Embracing high pollen-count in Eugene, OR", and it seems quite timely, as June is when the pollen count in Eugene get's just outrageous.  Grass seed is blooming all over the place and just hanging out in the valley.

Anyway, Tracy at Sneezy is a wonderful photographer and catches snapshots and glimpses into the beauty of Oregon. 

I love this pic of the North Jetty in Florence, OR.  

And her recent posts and photos of the Eugene March against Monsanto...

(This is totally Eugene!  I had to miss this march, so I am glad that she captured photos of it.  So cool!)

I especially love this pic and her comment.  

One day in Eugene, all these utility boxes were suddently painted pink (kind of pepto pink).  A few days later, messages started showing up on them.  I agree with Tracy, this is definitely one of my favorite corners in Eugene, too.  I always imagine back to a time when huge trees as big as the building sat, shading some ducks.

I hope you will check out Tracy's visually stunning blog and great commentary and tell her hello!

Happy Fr-aturday! :)