Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Adventures in running a small coffee shop-

Life is interesting.  Things don't always go as planned, but how boring would it be if it did?  When we moved to our new home in Central CA, I thought that maybe I'd work, but maybe I would just run our little farm.  Well, the farm hasn't quite happened.  We are lucky to have a beautiful spot to park our little RV home, with rolling hills and wonderful weather....

But the farm piece we have finally admitted will be a little down the road.  So what to do with my time?  It just so happened that the little coffee shop in town was going through a transition and needed some help.  I thought, hey, why not try it out?

Little did I know, I would love it!  It is adorable, I get to meet lots of fun people - locals and travelers - and I get to bake as much as I want.  I have to say, it is such a huge change from what I used to do, but it is pretty rewarding to hand someone one of these homemade pop

Or one of these muffins...

And people tell you how much they appreciate homemade pastries and food.  It is pretty nice.  

And because we are small, I can take a little extra time to get to know people and chat.  Yesterday I was excited to meet a couple women traveling through, one from Southern CA and her sister visiting from Texas, who love to knit, and we compared projects!  And now we are both connected on Ravelry. How sweet is that?  I just love making those kinds of connections.

So if you are ever traveling on Hwy 101 in Cali and see a turnoff for little San Miguel, come visit me at the Coffee Station.  I will tell you all about the little history of our tiny town and get you some yummy pastries or wake you up with some great coffee. 

Life takes you in different directions...and I am feeling pretty darn lucky right now that it keeps things fresh and interesting. Never a dull moment!