Monday, July 26, 2010

Making a few quick cards-

Wanted to have some cards on hand in case I needed to send something out. So I had fun with some plain cards I found at Target for a dollar and then my stamps and embossing powders. They are simple, but I like 'em!

Flowers and butterflies! (Was having issues with lighting, so sorry for the funky pics....)

I think I found all but the big flowers stamps at Target in the dollar bin, too! The big flower was an awesome thrift store find. :)

And speaking of finds...I got this cool peacock stamp last weekend at a garage sale.  LOVE IT!

And a few fun and colorful little cards!

And here is my cat playing Godzilla!  Maybe she is why these were not the best pics! haha

Hope you have a great week!


PS - I hope I don't ruin the surprise of a card for someone! hehehe

Saturday, July 17, 2010

More garden fun...

I know you have seen a lot of my garden, but it is the best I have ever done!  It is super exciting, and here is a little bit of the recent progress...

My corn is doing awesome!  It is about 4 feet tall now, and I am dreaming of fresh corn on the cob!


I got my garden started late this, year, but I am glad I did.  Many of our friends had seeds and plats that were drowned out by the very wet and very late spring we had.  So I am super excited that my scarlet emperor beans are flowering.  Aren't they pretty?

Oh, not garden related, but here is a cute chicken butt! :)

And these are the baby pumpkins!

I am planning on pulling out a few things and see if I can pull of some cucumbers and a few more squashes!  I am so excited!

Happy weekend friends!


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fun at the Thrift Store-

Ric and I got a hair to finally re-do the bathroom here.  We rent, but the landlord told us we could repaint.  I will post the before and after pics soon....but it has been begging to be repainted for some time now!

Anyway, we are thinking about also taking out the sink cabinet and replacing it with a vintage-y looking desk.  So we took a little trip to Saint Vincent de Paul's Thrift Store.  They rock!  They had beautiful furniture, but nothing that we went for today.  But when you are at a thrift store, you have to take a look around!

These are a few things that I loooved!

First, we saw this great couch!

There was bad light, so it was hard to get a pic of the whole couch, but it wraps around....

You can basically see it here. (And my hubby in the back! hehe)

Then there was the treadle machine!  I learned how to sew on a treadle machine, and I loved this machine.  If I had $350 I would have snatched this up!  


Check out the enamel design....

Soo pretty!  And it seemed to run pretty well.  It even had this cute little desk with a little shelf on the inside with an old sewing tin inside still.

We did find a few things to buy.  They had a huge bowl of buttons to go through and we found some great ones!


Have a great night!  


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My chickens are driving me nuts!

Ok, I am going crazy...

The girls have been squawking like you would not believe lately!  One of them is broody, which is not helping either.  I have to literally go in and remove her from her box or else she will just stay in there for ever, stop laying and forget to eat....  And the book says that she should be breaking this habit very soon, but I am starting to have my doubts.

It is making me nervous that I am driving the neighbors crazy.  While chickens are legal in the city limits, I am also renting the place we live in and don't want the neighbors to complain to the landlord....

After visiting many question and answer posts and a few blogs, like Little House in the Suburbs (which I now love!) I can see that I just basically have to let them get it out of their system.  I just wish that they did not start so early in the morning!  Right now I have literally been running out in my p.j.'s to let them out of the coop at 5:30 or 6am to keep them a bit quieter, then giving them treats to try and calm them further.

Makes me long even more for a house of my own!  (Or for quieter chickens! haha)

Hope you have a quiet day~


Sunday, July 11, 2010

Way too long since I have posted!

Man, the last 2 or 3 weeks (or whatever it has been) has gone by in a blur.  I can't believe that we are already entering into the 2nd week of July!

The rain has finally let up, and we have been taking advantage of the sun!

So since so much time has passed since I last posted, here are some of the highlights :)

I spent some time in Portland for work for our Board and Staff Retreat.   While there I....

Had some delicious port flavored ice cream from this adorable pattisserie on Division St near 35th St.

I also stayed with a friend/co-worker nearby and went out after dinner one eve with her and some of the other co-workers.  It was a blast!

I rode the train there and back...which I just love!  I wish I could take the train everywhere. 

Then last weekend, we got to have a full, 4 day weekend!  It was awesome!  I ended up working a half day on Friday, as we had a table outside our new office for the First Friday Art Walk in Eugene.  We are moving into the office soon...

Not the best pic, but I will be moving into this office with Helios, the Bus Project, Basic Rights Oregon and I, of course, will be the Oregon League of Conservation Voters peep!  It is going to rock!

Also over the 4th weekend, I worked in my amazing garden some more.  I am so stoked about how well it is doing this year!  Here is a pic from last weekend.  Since then I have planted pumpkins, acorn squash and new rows of lettuce and arugula.

And check out my pretty peas...


Then on the 4th of July, my hubby and my friend and I went out on our new raft to float on the river.  It was great!  We went out a bit late and ended up having to catch a ride with an awesome group on their speed boat!

My hubby and friend in the boat....

And a pretty great pic of the 3 of us!


This weekend we had a going to China party for my hubby.  He will be leaving next week for China!  It is crazy, but I am excited for him.

Have a great rest of your Sunday, and a good week as well!