Friday, March 22, 2013

Feature Fridays break...instead how about some garden fun and update to DIY Plant Markers!

I have been trying all week to get this blog post up!  So, I am taking a little break from my Feature Fridays to share this post.  Maybe not quite as exciting, but it is good to mix it up sometimes, right?

I am getting pretty excited about my little garden this year.  We have started with new, raised beds using cinder blocks.  I have one that is always shaded by a big pine tree, so that one is going to be the greens bed.  We have planted some yummy early greens in that bed and they are peeking their little heads up now!

And in the back there....that is my update to my shrink-dink (shrink plastic) plant markers!  I am so excited!  You may recall a post I had done before with a tutorial on making shrink plastic plant markers and attaching them to spoons?  Well, they were fun, but pretty basic.  I have had a lot of fun with new versions this year!  One of my friends helped me.  I wanted ones that even told the name of the seeds I was using.  I have to say, I am pretty proud of us. Hehe.  Check these out!

Each one is different and a lot of fun....arugula.... 

Cartouche style spinach....

Some Flashy Butter Oak Lettuce....

Mild Mesclun Mix....

London Springs Lettuce Mix...

This one is pretty cute  - see the little 'p's in there?  Because they are Sugar Snap Peas! hehe

And Oregon Sugar Snap Peas!

We made them a little small, so if you are making your own, err on too large.  They shrink a lot!  I would start with something at least 4-5 inches wide and a proportional height.

Finally, just for a giggle...look at this silly chicken.

I kept wondering how they were hopping the fence.....

Happy Friday!


Friday, March 15, 2013

Feature Fridays and Happy Loves Rosie

I decided that this week I needed another fix of adorable campers and caravans that have been fixed up to be almost too retro-cute to bear.  So, I went on over to Happy Loves Rosie, a blog that offers me just that. I mean, I could show you this pic right here and stop this whole post.  This is the epitome!

Right?!  But you then seriously need to check out the rest of her page, and of course, the whole post to see the interior of her cute little caravan.

Happy, the author of this blog, sounds like she would be a blast to hang out with.  And she has a keen eye for great vintage items, which she then sells at her online store.  I mean, seriously, she has some fun stuff, that I would almost pay the shipping overseas for!

Her blog is a retro feast for the eyes!  I was supposed to be writing this blog post, but instead just kept getting side tracked by the colorful this one of her getting organized...

Look at the cute tins and teapots in the background, too!

And she even shares some great free vintage patterns and images, like this cute tea cosy pattern!

Ok, I need to show another picture of the hard to choose!

In fact, you better head over there right now and see what I am talking about!

Happy Friday!


Friday, March 8, 2013

Feature Fridays....Tea Rose Home

I sorta missed my Feature Friday last week.  Whoopsy!  But I am back this week!  And this week I am excited to share a fun, crafty blog called Tea Rose Home.  It is a very sweet blog, with a lot of great tutorials.  I just love her style, and am having a lot of fun checking this site out.

I have been way into pom poms lately.  So I was loving this post on this great scarf!

I also just love this chair re-do!  I have been thinking about how to re-do some of my furniture lately.  Check this adorable chair out!

And then there is this awesome tutorial on an adorable embellished cardigan.   This is how I found this great blog, from a pinterest post with this fun tutorial.

SO, so cute!  I love this site now!  I am off to go peruse more!  I hope you will check it out and enjoy as much as I do!

Happy weekend!


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My new toy....

Well, new to me, but definitely not new.  I am so excited!  A friend of mine found this beauty at a thrift store in her area, and knew I wanted one.  So she scooped it up and delivered the lovely Royal typewriter with metal typewriter stand to me recently.  And then just a few days ago I got a new ribbon for her.  And even my hubby agrees that it is so much fun to use.  

Love!  I plan on printing off my logo for my etsy biz's cards and tags, and then use the typewriter to stick in my info.  We will see how it goes, but right now, it seems like a fun way to add an interesting touch!


Sunday, March 3, 2013

Farm dreams and inspiration...

I have been dreaming of a tiny farm for some time now, and hope to make those dreams come true soon.  But in the meantime, I have been collecting ideas and inspiration and have to share some cool things I have found....

First, I will definitely need one or several of these...

And maybe a few of these....

And of course I will have to have more of these....

(Those are Lavender Orpingtons!!  I def want a few of those.)

And speaking of chickens, I will have to build a fun new coop for all the ladies....maybe like this one?

Or maybe this one - more simple and rustic?

And then of course, I really want both an outdoor kitchen area and an outdoor shower/tub area.  The kitchen could be something simple like this to start....

And then maybe turn into something bigger and better, like this....

(Found on Pinterest and unable to link back to original.)

But the kitchen would have to have a little entertaining area....

(Found on Pinterest and unable to link back to original.)

As for outdoor bathing...I kinda love these...

And having one of these to go daydream in would be heaven....

(Found on Pinterest and unable to link back to original.)

Yes, there is so much to dream about, as well as the actual farming, of course!  I am super excited for that piece, too.

Now off to go set up my raised beds while the sun it trying to shine in the Pacific Northwest....

Happy dreaming!