Friday, November 30, 2012

Feature Fridays....Stars for Streetlights

Hey there!  For today's Feature Friday, I wanted to feature a blog that is not just visually appealing, it is also full of great photography tips, DIY's and great stories.  This is Stacie's blog, Stars for Streetlights.

I was trying to remember what turned me on to this blog, and while looking through Stacie's projects, I came across her awesome T-Shirt Flower Dress.  As you know, I also make goodies by upcycling, so I saw this and just fell in love!

I have yet to try making it, but it is definitely on the list!

I also love this Vinyl Record Notebook.  I am thinking this would be a great holiday gift this year....

Isn't it such a cute idea?

She has great fashion ideas and tips.  Another fav for me is this Two Tone Cardigan.  Another on this list to make!

I didn't even get into the awesome photography!  So go head on over to Stacie's awesome blog and check it all out!


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving fun with gingerbread...

The Thanksgiving break was too short!  It was very nice to slow down, eat tons and tons of yummy food and work on crafting projects.  (Many of which I will share soon, and some of which will have to wait until after the holidays, so family and friends don't accidentally find out their gift too early!)

One of our little traditions that my hubby and I have started is to get our friends that don't go home for the holiday together to eat with us.  Then after, we all make our own gingerbread creations.  You may remember some of the fun we had last year from this post. We got pretty carried away!

This year, since there were only 3 of us doing the decorating, we decided to do one big one together.  We made a gingerbread farm...dreaming of what we wish we had. (A farm, not one made out of gingerbread, hehe.)

Ok, so it is no crazy masterpiece, but it is so much fun!  We baked all the gingerbread and cut out the shapes we wanted.  Thus....many things are not proportionate. hehe

Here is a close up of the rendition of my hubby as a gingerbread farmer, and the barn (it went through a gingerbread storm and blew down but was then repaired) and our gingerbread crops on the patch of green.  You can totally grow crops in gingerbread world.

And below you can see a close up of the giant bunny that is our friend, as well as a funny llama/camel thing.  There are sheep in there, too, but they are hard to see.  Oh, and the giant dog is watching them all.

And the thing I worked on the hardest was the little house that we gingerbread folk live in.  With holiday lights, even!

Whatever your traditions are, I hope that you had a great time!  


Friday, November 16, 2012

Feature Fridays return with....Oops! I Craft My Pants!

Ok, first of all....this blog already wins because of the name.  BEST CRAFTING BLOG NAME EVER! The first time I stumbled upon Erika's blog entitled 'Oops! I Craft My Pants', I was just cracking up.  Even my hubby thought it was pretty funny, and he doesn't get into this stuff like I do. 

But besides the awesome name, I have fun looking through her super craftiness, with cute clothing ideas for her children and for adults to the awesome printables she shares.  For example, look at this cool stenciling she did using freezer paper.  I am excited to try this out...

I think she might also be the queen of throwing freakin' adorable themed parties.  Like how awesome is this baseball themed birthday party?

And as I mentioned, she has great printables.  Like this super sweet one she did for her girls.

She often has them to share with fellow bloggers, so go check her stuff out and say hello.

Thanks for sharing, Erika!!


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Monday, November 12, 2012

Whew! I'm back!

Whew, indeed!  I am super excited that the elections are over, and even more excited that the work we did this year really paid off.  It is mucho gratifying when you work that hard to get the results you wanted.

So, with the elections wrapped up, we move into the next thing, which is luckily much slower.  I am already plotting all the things that I will make and do as we get closer to the holidays.  This Friday, I will get back to Feature Fridays, which I am also excited about. 

The weather here has been pretty nice, only recently getting cold and wet.  I recently got a cool new bike mount for my phone and had to share some pics from the bike ride to work one of the nice fall days.

Can't wait to get back to posting!  More soon!