Monday, November 12, 2012

Whew! I'm back!

Whew, indeed!  I am super excited that the elections are over, and even more excited that the work we did this year really paid off.  It is mucho gratifying when you work that hard to get the results you wanted.

So, with the elections wrapped up, we move into the next thing, which is luckily much slower.  I am already plotting all the things that I will make and do as we get closer to the holidays.  This Friday, I will get back to Feature Fridays, which I am also excited about. 

The weather here has been pretty nice, only recently getting cold and wet.  I recently got a cool new bike mount for my phone and had to share some pics from the bike ride to work one of the nice fall days.

Can't wait to get back to posting!  More soon!


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