Thursday, September 12, 2013

Weddings galore!

Wow....I just looked at the last time I actually has been WAY too long!  I big reason for this was that I was helping friends and family get ready for weddings.  There were 3 weddings in a one month period, 2 of which I helped with, and one of which was my little sister!

First wedding I assisted by sewing a corset for my friend who was a bridesmaid here.  The bride and groom had a sweet wedding with a steampunk theme to it. 

I somehow missed getting a pic of the bride!  But there was an awesome photo booth, where we got a lot of fun and crazy photos taken. Like the one at the bottom left. 

The next wedding was my little sister's wedding!  Crazy to know my lil' sis is now grown up and married. It was a fun and gorgeous wedding.

I loved the colors and the dresses my sis chose for the girls.  And I must say that my hubby was pretty excited about the groomsmen's outfits, too.  But my hubby and I had to switch the shoes up at some point....(bottom right photo).  A good friend of mine performed the ceremony, my dad made the awesome arbor, and everyone pitched in on food, set up and take down.  I even had good friends helping take these wonderful pics! It was really nice.

Then this last Saturday was the last of the weddings with my one of my cousins.  They got married in Hood River, OR, and it is a very pretty part of Oregon.  And they lucked out with the weather (as did all the weddings, actually) as there was a couple days of down pours with lightning the days approaching this wedding.

It was great to see and catch up with some of the family whom I had not seen for years (way, way too long).  The ceremony was held at a vineyard and the reception was conveniently located just up the road at the bride's grandmother's house. (And grandma was so very cool! We enjoyed chatting with her about times she rode a Harley!) It was very nice.

I have more to share from our crazy summer soon.  But for now, I am just feeling excited for all the newly weds we know! (And somewhat relieved that all the weddings are done!)