Sunday, March 28, 2010

Rebooting Day 2-

Just a quick update on the conference I have been attending.  It has been great to see friends I have not seen in some time, as well as current friends and to be surrounded by people that are like minded!

Here are a couple photos from today:

A great view of the river just outside the conference rooms.  There is also a kayaking practice course set up here, so we got to watch kayakers!

Viola!  I think this is the first time I have posted a pic of myself!  This is me enjoying a break from the conference in the sun, watching the kayakers.

And finally, a not great photo of the keynote speaker at dinner tonight, Lawrence Lessig.  He had a very impressive presentation and I was glad to have been there for it.  I am such a nerd for this stuff that when he showed up at an after party this evening, I wanted to run up and ask for his!  I didn't though.  Another man that I would highly recommend following what he works on.

Tomorrow is the last day of the conference, and the last day in Bend for this week.  Then back to Eugene and my sis and animals!  Miss them already!  Thanks sis for watching the animals! 

Friday, March 26, 2010

Bend, Oregon and Rebooting Democracy

My hubby and I arrived in Bend yesterday.  It had been pretty normal, until we got to the pass.  There we were met by this sight.

After having been in close to 70 degree weather, this was a surprise to me.

When we rolled into Bend, it was pretty nice out.  The sun was out and it was not too cold.  But then this morning I woke to

I did not pack for this weather!  But by noon, most of the snow had melted.

Today was also the first day of the Bus Project Conference 'Rebooting Democracy'.  It is one of those events that can really get you re-energized to get involved in people powered politics!  It was a great evening, but the best part of the event today was the Keynote speach by Rev. Lennox Yearwood from the Hip Hop Caucus.  It was awesome!  He was a great motivational speaker. Here is a photo I got from the event.

If you ever have an opportunity to hear the Rev. Yearwood speak, be there!

More tomorrow!


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Running mishaps...

Thought I would share an update on running.  I am having a hard time with finding time to run.  :-P  I think the time is there, but I jam pack the day full of other stuff and forget to run.  I need to try and build it into the schedule or something. For example, I am in Portland and had the opportunity to run last night but didn't bring my running shoes!  Oh well, I am still doing the marathon in May, by golly!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day One - New Job-

Today I started the new job.  It is going well.  Lots to do, but that is always the way it is in the world of non-profits!  I am excited to get on the road and start meeting people in my other counties.  My hope is to be in Portland for training one more day, then in Bend, Oregon the rest of the week and into the weekend for more training then the Rebooting Democracy conference by another group I am involved in. :)

It was definitely an interesting day. I tend to notice the little funny things more when I am alone. Here are some observations from today:

1) I take parking in Eugene for granted.  Everyone in Eugene hates the parking situation, but I don't know why they get so upset.  For example, in order to park close to my work today in PDX, I had to give my keys to the attendant so that he could move my car at some point. For a 'small town' girl, this was new to me, lol.

2) I love seeing how areas of town are mixed.  Today I noticed that just across the street from our nice office building with art galleries and restaurants on the ground level there is a place that advertises "Exotic Dancing" until 4am. (I think I really am starting to sound sheltered! haha)

3) The little bar I went to tonight to have food and get a drink was hilarious.  When I asked for a vegetarian option, I sorta got a funny look.  I asked about the 'baked mac and cheese' and the server said that was vegi, so I ordered it.  When it came it was literally kraft mac and cheese baked into a fried crust thing (like the outer part of fried mozzarella sticks).  Hmm...well at least I got to try a new food! hehe

4) To make the experience even better, there were these awesome women, probably in their mid 60's and older, learning line dancing to new pop music like Kid Cuddi.  They would start the song and do the first 16 beats or so and then pause the song to learn the next dance moves.  It was seriously great! Go ladies!

5) Finally, I am not sure if I am comforted or saddened by the fact that Portland, a much larger city and metro area than Eugene and its metro area, has tv news that it is at least as bad, if not worse, than Eugene's.  They actually showed a clip of a baby on youtube that would scream and cry when Miley Cyrus was on tv, and would laugh and dance when Jon Bon Jovi was

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Alice in Wonderland

We went and watched the new Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland on Wednesday evening and I loved it.  We watched the 3-D version which was really fun!

I was totally inspired by the wonderful dresses that the women had (especially Alice) in the movie.  I am in the mood to create some dresses!

Unfortunately I was unable to find pics of my favorite dresses for Alice, but here are a few great pics.

Alice in here regular dress

I definitely recommend the movie.  Just don't go into it thinking you are seeing a remake of Alice!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Crazy Days-

Sorry I have been MIA....I have been working extra hours and have a ton happening!

A quick update and then hopefully will post something more exciting soon!


- I got my new, improved dishwasher and it is great! (Now equipped with Garfield!)

- Had a great visit this last weekend with friends and more planned this weekend!

- Am almost finished crocheting the granny squares for my new afghan that is probably 5 years in the making :)

(Sorry for the blurry photos.  I really like this green one's design.  It is bright green but the light kinda sucks.)

This one (above) will be the center square. :)

And of course my cat must be sitting wherever I am working or taking photos:

- I got a new job! It is a wonderful position with a great non-profit!  I am sad to leave my old positions, and am grateful for the experience, but I am also super excited to start!  I will be an environmental political there anything more perfect for me??!

- My honey bought me one of those outdoor fire pit things...looking forward to a non-rainy evening to try it out! (No photo yet. :P )

I promise to post more this weekend, hopefully with my new garden!


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dreaming of order...

Sometimes when things are crazy in your life, it is helpful to have order at home.  I am not there yet, but here are some awesome rooms that I would love to have.

Love this craft room! (Image from HGTV)

Oh and this kitchen!

bright gallery kitchen in new Shingle-style house

I found this one at This Old House... Mine is a similar size....wonder if I could pull something like this off?

I think I want something a little more bright for the kitchen... I keep finding kitchens like the one above and like the one below that I like...

white kitchen cabinets

This one was found here.

Hmmm....wonder what I can find for the living room....