Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day One - New Job-

Today I started the new job.  It is going well.  Lots to do, but that is always the way it is in the world of non-profits!  I am excited to get on the road and start meeting people in my other counties.  My hope is to be in Portland for training one more day, then in Bend, Oregon the rest of the week and into the weekend for more training then the Rebooting Democracy conference by another group I am involved in. :)

It was definitely an interesting day. I tend to notice the little funny things more when I am alone. Here are some observations from today:

1) I take parking in Eugene for granted.  Everyone in Eugene hates the parking situation, but I don't know why they get so upset.  For example, in order to park close to my work today in PDX, I had to give my keys to the attendant so that he could move my car at some point. For a 'small town' girl, this was new to me, lol.

2) I love seeing how areas of town are mixed.  Today I noticed that just across the street from our nice office building with art galleries and restaurants on the ground level there is a place that advertises "Exotic Dancing" until 4am. (I think I really am starting to sound sheltered! haha)

3) The little bar I went to tonight to have food and get a drink was hilarious.  When I asked for a vegetarian option, I sorta got a funny look.  I asked about the 'baked mac and cheese' and the server said that was vegi, so I ordered it.  When it came it was literally kraft mac and cheese baked into a fried crust thing (like the outer part of fried mozzarella sticks).  Hmm...well at least I got to try a new food! hehe

4) To make the experience even better, there were these awesome women, probably in their mid 60's and older, learning line dancing to new pop music like Kid Cuddi.  They would start the song and do the first 16 beats or so and then pause the song to learn the next dance moves.  It was seriously great! Go ladies!

5) Finally, I am not sure if I am comforted or saddened by the fact that Portland, a much larger city and metro area than Eugene and its metro area, has tv news that it is at least as bad, if not worse, than Eugene's.  They actually showed a clip of a baby on youtube that would scream and cry when Miley Cyrus was on tv, and would laugh and dance when Jon Bon Jovi was on....wow.

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