Thursday, July 11, 2013

Busy times in the Summer!

Man...I have been so busy!  Not just work this time...also fun summertime activities!  But, it has definitely taken a toll on my blogging.  Sorry all my wonderful followers!

So just to prove I have not been completely slacking off...let me share some of the fun with you!

First...I have baking a TON of delicious bread in my new, gorgeous dutch oven!  Best investment ever! 

(You have GOT TO TRY out this recipe.  So easy and really, really good bread!  Find it here at Frugal Living NW!)

Then a couple awesome trips to the coast for fun and work....

The Oregon Coast Aquarium is always a good time!  And these sea lions were cracking us up on the bay!

Our friend's graduation!  Masters degree, schmasters degree.

Lots of times with silly animals!

(What is the cat doing?!)

Delicious food from our little garden...

Dirty Dash Eugene!  I am pretty sure we had THE BEST costumes!  Star Wars, baby!

Whew!  Lot's of exciting events!  

Stay tuned, as I also have to share an awesome table redux.  We took some interesting items to recreate a wonderful and sturdy new outdoor table.

More soon!