Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Super easy DIY Plant Markers

So I read an idea out of a cute little garden book recently called Apartment Gardening that I just loved and had to try.  They mentioned taking Shrinky Dinks (remember those!?) and making simple little plant markers.  I liked the clean look of just black on the white plastic.

First, I drew on a little design the width of the plastic and about 2 inches tall.  You need to write your labels on backward on the dull side, so you have it on the shiny side when you are all said and done.  

Then, put it in your oven at 225 degrees or so (I can't actually if you have instructions, check those. ;)  And then you have these cute little signs!

I am gluing mine to second-hand silverware and will have them in my happy garden soon!

As I mentioned, I liked to look of the plain black and white, but you can go crazy with color and design in you like!  Just remember to use permanent markers!


UPDATE!  I recently experimented some more and had fun creating some even more personalized shrink plastic markers.  Check that post out here!

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