Sunday, February 26, 2012

Do you Pinterest? How about Ravelry?

I have to say, there is almost too much inspiration out there!  Between Pinterest and gets a bit crazy.  But I do enjoy both of these and have a profile on each.  How about you? 

If you do hang out on either site, I'd love it if followed!  And comment below with your Pinterest or Ravelry so I can follow you!

Find me at: 

(You might notice the differing names for my Pinterest vs. Ravelry...well....that is because soon 23point4degreetilt will be my new biz name!  I am almost ready for the roll out!  Yay!)

Now, to pull myself away from the computer and all the inspiration (so much...too much....) and get to work!



  1. Hey Ash! I couldn't reply to your comment you left me because you don't have your blog set up with your e-mail connecting. You can do that by going into blogger and clicking edit profile, and then it should have a spot for you to put your e-mail address. Anyways, you did ask a question in your comment, which is why I wanted to respond. I definitely recommend a disney run! It was a lot of fun, I don't recommend it alone though... I was by myself so i didn't stop and take any pictures because that just isn't as fun as when you have a huge group of girls to do it with, so definitely wrangle up some friends and sign up for one!! It was super great!

    1. Hi Heather! Thanks for the feedback. I always thought I had that feature figured out, so good to know! hehe

      And thanks for getting back to me on your question! I have at least one friend that wants to do a Disney run with me, and several that would at least come watch....Noe just need to find the money to travel for one! :)