Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Trash + Mod Podge = Fun!

I have to admit that I keep a lot of things that should probably be put out to be recycled or trashed.  But one of my favorite thing to do with the 'trash' I keep is to make it new with Mod Podge!

One of my New Year's Resolutions (my 2012 Manifesto post tells all) is to be better at saving for the things we want to do.  I decided that a fun way to kick it off was with new piggy banks.

First, I took old tea canisters that I have saved and cut some scrapbook paper to fit each.  Then....grab the Mod Podge!

And slather it on!

Then coat the top and find embellishments!

One for travel....

One for a house fund...

And one for our new businesses!  
(I seem to find other things to do right now than actually get the biz off the ground....but soon, by golly!!)

And after they are dry.... ta da!!  

I decided not to make slots in the tops, as I figured I'd hurt myself doing so.  But I am sure you could puncture the lids easily enough if you wanted and snip out a coin slot.

Now I totally have the bug and I am on to boxes and and other random items I am finding in the house....


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