Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Pretty little things...

As I mentioned before, our trip to NY was bittersweet.  We mourned the loss of a great woman, but also met family we never knew before, got to be with family and friends, and see new things.

But one of the things I truly treasure is that I was allowed to pick out some china tea-ware from our Aunts' house.  Sad circumstances, but happy to have these beautiful pieces handed down and kept in the family.  I must share these pretty little things....

Are they not wonderful?  Such cute patterns.  I can't wait for Spring tea parties (but for now I am making due with indoor tea parties.)  I also got the cute little chicken (which I actually have no idea what it is for, there is like no room inside of it, but it is adorable nonetheless) and those awesome vintage Pyrex bowls hiding in the background.

Happy tea party!


PS...remember my post on New Year's Resolutions?  One was to try new types of teas (I know...I am a dork) but I am excited that these will help with that resolution for sure! :D

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