Friday, March 22, 2013

Feature Fridays break...instead how about some garden fun and update to DIY Plant Markers!

I have been trying all week to get this blog post up!  So, I am taking a little break from my Feature Fridays to share this post.  Maybe not quite as exciting, but it is good to mix it up sometimes, right?

I am getting pretty excited about my little garden this year.  We have started with new, raised beds using cinder blocks.  I have one that is always shaded by a big pine tree, so that one is going to be the greens bed.  We have planted some yummy early greens in that bed and they are peeking their little heads up now!

And in the back there....that is my update to my shrink-dink (shrink plastic) plant markers!  I am so excited!  You may recall a post I had done before with a tutorial on making shrink plastic plant markers and attaching them to spoons?  Well, they were fun, but pretty basic.  I have had a lot of fun with new versions this year!  One of my friends helped me.  I wanted ones that even told the name of the seeds I was using.  I have to say, I am pretty proud of us. Hehe.  Check these out!

Each one is different and a lot of fun....arugula.... 

Cartouche style spinach....

Some Flashy Butter Oak Lettuce....

Mild Mesclun Mix....

London Springs Lettuce Mix...

This one is pretty cute  - see the little 'p's in there?  Because they are Sugar Snap Peas! hehe

And Oregon Sugar Snap Peas!

We made them a little small, so if you are making your own, err on too large.  They shrink a lot!  I would start with something at least 4-5 inches wide and a proportional height.

Finally, just for a giggle...look at this silly chicken.

I kept wondering how they were hopping the fence.....

Happy Friday!



  1. I love your chicken!
    Have now added your badge to my sidebar....
    Ps my real name is Ashley too...Shhhhh XXX

    1. Thanks for adding that to your sidebar! Us Ashley's gotta stick together! ;)