Saturday, April 6, 2013

Feature Fridays returns (a little late) with Naughty Shorts!

One of my favorite ways to discover new and wonderful blogs is through craftgawker and pinterest.  I think it might be one of the only ways I would actually be able to find the awesomeness that I find!  And this week's Feature Friday is no exception!  I stumbled upon this pin when I was cruising around on pinterest recently of adorable dresses made from vintage sheets and knew I'd found a site I'd return to many times at Naughty Shorts!

I extremely adorable are these dresses?  They are amazing.

And after checking out her blog more, I found that not only does she love vintage materials, she just plain has a great blog!  She makes wonderful creations from the vintage materials she finds, she likes to craft in other ways and share them, and she loves to thrift!  I love some of the finds in this particular haul that she shared....

So neat!

And I can't say it enough....just seeing the great fabrics that she finds and sells or creates dresses from is so fun.  Her whole blog makes me want to go out and scour the thrift stores for some fun fabrics and neat finds.  I think I need a shelf like she has above!

And look that this stash!


So go on over to Naughty Shorts and peruse the gorgeous fabrics, wonderful dresses, great photography and awesome thrift finds! Make sure to say hello while you are there!

Happy belated Friday!



  1. Hello :) Thanks so much for visiting naughty shorts! I am so happy you like it there, thanks for sharing over here on your gorgeous little space :) Take care, Bec x

  2. Thank you for the link I will check out Bec's space right now....

    Daisy j x

    PS i must put the badge up now on my sidebar for you too...