Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fun at the Thrift Store-

Ric and I got a hair to finally re-do the bathroom here.  We rent, but the landlord told us we could repaint.  I will post the before and after pics soon....but it has been begging to be repainted for some time now!

Anyway, we are thinking about also taking out the sink cabinet and replacing it with a vintage-y looking desk.  So we took a little trip to Saint Vincent de Paul's Thrift Store.  They rock!  They had beautiful furniture, but nothing that we went for today.  But when you are at a thrift store, you have to take a look around!

These are a few things that I loooved!

First, we saw this great couch!

There was bad light, so it was hard to get a pic of the whole couch, but it wraps around....

You can basically see it here. (And my hubby in the back! hehe)

Then there was the treadle machine!  I learned how to sew on a treadle machine, and I loved this machine.  If I had $350 I would have snatched this up!  


Check out the enamel design....

Soo pretty!  And it seemed to run pretty well.  It even had this cute little desk with a little shelf on the inside with an old sewing tin inside still.

We did find a few things to buy.  They had a huge bowl of buttons to go through and we found some great ones!


Have a great night!  



  1. Love that machine! beautiful!!
    love thrift stores - thanks for sharing!

  2. The machine is beautiful - and the couch is very cool.