Sunday, July 11, 2010

Way too long since I have posted!

Man, the last 2 or 3 weeks (or whatever it has been) has gone by in a blur.  I can't believe that we are already entering into the 2nd week of July!

The rain has finally let up, and we have been taking advantage of the sun!

So since so much time has passed since I last posted, here are some of the highlights :)

I spent some time in Portland for work for our Board and Staff Retreat.   While there I....

Had some delicious port flavored ice cream from this adorable pattisserie on Division St near 35th St.

I also stayed with a friend/co-worker nearby and went out after dinner one eve with her and some of the other co-workers.  It was a blast!

I rode the train there and back...which I just love!  I wish I could take the train everywhere. 

Then last weekend, we got to have a full, 4 day weekend!  It was awesome!  I ended up working a half day on Friday, as we had a table outside our new office for the First Friday Art Walk in Eugene.  We are moving into the office soon...

Not the best pic, but I will be moving into this office with Helios, the Bus Project, Basic Rights Oregon and I, of course, will be the Oregon League of Conservation Voters peep!  It is going to rock!

Also over the 4th weekend, I worked in my amazing garden some more.  I am so stoked about how well it is doing this year!  Here is a pic from last weekend.  Since then I have planted pumpkins, acorn squash and new rows of lettuce and arugula.

And check out my pretty peas...


Then on the 4th of July, my hubby and my friend and I went out on our new raft to float on the river.  It was great!  We went out a bit late and ended up having to catch a ride with an awesome group on their speed boat!

My hubby and friend in the boat....

And a pretty great pic of the 3 of us!


This weekend we had a going to China party for my hubby.  He will be leaving next week for China!  It is crazy, but I am excited for him.

Have a great rest of your Sunday, and a good week as well!


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