Sunday, June 20, 2010

Time goes by way too fast!

Well, every time I think that 'this week was craziness', then the next week shows the last one up.  It was another one of those weeks where I wish that I had an

On Tuesday I made a trip have meetings in Bend and had a nice trip.  However, I find it so hard to justify all that drive time...I wish we had a train that went there so I could just work.  That probably would have helped me not get so behind this week.  But on the drive home I stopped to get a few pretty pics of one of the rivers.

It was so pretty!  If I hadn't been alone, I would have wandered down to the water, but I thought better of it and took a few more pics from afar.  I just love how it looks like something from a fantasy novel....

Then on Wednesday I took a trip down to the Ashland/Medford area to meet some work folks down there.  It was a great trip, and it totally took me down memory lane.  My hubby and I used to go there on day trips from where we lived in southern Oregon.  I love Ashland - and one of my favorite parts is Lithia Park. It is a big, beautiful park with a stream flowing through it, right in downtown Ashland.  Ashland is also where they do wonderful Shakespeare plays, and my hubby and I went to one there on our 1st anniversay.

Here is a pic of Lithia....

I love the little bridge!  It was such a pretty day, and I was not missing the pollen that has been killing me and my sis in Eugene!

Here is another pic of the park.

This one taken from another little bridge over the stream.

The rest of the week was a blur.  But we had a great weekend.  Yesterday, my hubby and I volunteered for one of the groups that I love, the Bus Project at an event in the park for gay pride month.  It was a lot of fun.  Then today we went down to the fairgrounds to check out the Alpaca Show and the Black Sheep Gathering. The whole thing was all about fiber and cool animals...hehe.

Here is my hubby getting a kiss from his new alpaca friend...

I like how the other alpaca is watching in the background....hehe

And here is the kind of goat I want!!  I made a decision today that I want a piece of property that is big enough to have 10 chickens (so 7 more), 2 angora bunnies (I am getting them soon!!), 2 goats like these guys, and a garden. (And of course my dog and cat.)

Kinda blurry head shot, but is it not adorable?  They are pygora goats.  And they were so sweet and just think....I could have fiber, milk for goat cheese and they would eat my weeds! hehe

Gonna crash now.  This week is looking to be another crazy week, with another trip to Bend planned for Wednesday and then a trip to Portland Friday thru Sunday.  Good thing my hubby can hold down the fort for me!

Have a great week!


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  1. the alpaca's and goats are so sweet - with a bigger menagerie the dog would be in heaven with so many to take care of!