Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I want to play steampunk...

I have been thinking a lot about steampunk stuff lately.  I really want to make myself a few little trinkets but not sure where to start.  Here are some photos I found for inspiration...

This photo comes up a lot when you search for steampunk, but I love it!  I found it here.

I thought these light switch covers were pretty cool, as well!

I found these here...

I am allllll over this!  I love owls, but steampunk owls??  Awesome!

I found this one and the one below at this site.

Steampunk Ring with Amber Bead
Such a pretty ring!

So many awesome things to inspire me!  Now to find the materials.  I am sure I can find something in this house!



  1. I have to show this post and that link to Alan. After this past weekend he has developed a love of steampunk.

  2. Ha! Really? That is great! I saw your post on the Fanime Convention - sounds like it was fun! Did that have steampunk stuff?