Saturday, May 29, 2010

It's been a week already?

Man!  This week flew by!

It was a great week, and very eventful!  Here is my breakdown ;)

Sunday: Was nice enough to go running with my friend.  It was one of those warm days when it would rain just a little when you were overheating.  Perfect!

Monday: Mostly work, but had a great time at a little party thrown by one of the campaigns I was working on.  Great people!

Tuesday: Dentist....not a super fun thing, but eventful none-the-less. ;)  I think it is funny that I went in to get cavities fixed, cavities that were not hurting at all, and then I left with a sore mouth and teeth that are now sensitive to heat...

Wednesday: Off to Bend!  I love traveling over to Bend, and I had some awesome meetings.  I am excited that my team there is great and growing all the time. It was also a pretty nice day, so I walked around downtown a little to get a better sense of what is around town.  They also have a super cute library.  I stayed with one of my volunteers, who had an awesome place, with solar power to supplement their power usage.  I love it!

Thursday: Left Bend early and drove to Portland.  It is great to be in the office with my co-workers.  Had a full day of meetings and got a lot done.  I also got my business cards finally!  Drove home and got a flat tire on the rental.... I think that is my family's curse.  My mom once got a wrench or something crazy stuck in her tire...

Friday: Changed the tire on the rental and drove it back to them.  Was nervous that they were going to charge a lot for a replacement tire, but they decided not to charge us at all!  Yay!  Then worked a little coffeeshop nearby, had a lunch meeting at a yummy Thai place, then drove out to a vineyard to pick up a wine donation for an event we have next week.  When we got home, I found out my sis got a job!  I am so excited for her, she had been looking for some time!  Good job, sis!

Friday eve- Hubby, Sis and I went to the Last Friday Art Walk with a new friend of our's and had a great time.  The Last Friday Art Walk is kind alternative, and my friend and I had fun with it.  Namely with our new purchase of face accessories....

Have a great weekend everyone!


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  1. Sounds like a super week!
    And yes, it was something crazy in my tire - a screwdriver stuck into the sidewall, due to too much dried on mud in the wheel-wells! (remember those Coyote Springs days, playing in the mud?! Good ole Subaru!) The tire place kept the tire for their reception area to show what could happen! But luckily the police station was right across the road and helped us out! Fun stuff!
    Love the 'stash! hehe!