Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Coming up for air....

Well the primary election in Oregon is over, and while my candidates didn't win outright, they did make it through the first cut and will go through to the general election.

I am glad that I am getting a bit of a breather today.  In the last week or so I had managed to get a few breaks to do a few crafts and see the outdoors a little.

This is the beginning of finally putting together my granny squares!  I love the way it is coming out!

This was a gift to one of my friends for her birthday.  So much fun to make!  She liked it so much she asked for a series!  I get to have even more fun! :)

Not a great picture, but I made this barrette to match a sun dress I have.  It was so much fun to make...I love felt!  I sewed beads on the center of the flower.

Then on Sunday Ric and I went on an evening bike ride to enjoy the last of the nice weekend weather.  While we were out on the riverbank trail, we stopped to watch a family of geese swim by.  Then they surprised us...

Here you can sort of see them in the sunny reflection swimming by.

Then they switched direction and started swimming toward us.

Here they are super close!  I thought this was great that they came up close just so I could take a better photo....

Then they came up the bank!  At that point Ric and I got a little nervous of mommy goose...

I love the babies!  I wanted to go play with the goslings, but that would probably result badly. :)  Our pics were taken behind a little fence we took shelter behind...hehe

Looking forward to having a little more time this week to get caught up on work I got behind on, as well as having some time to work around the house and spend with friends!  Yay!



  1. awww, look at those little geesies!!! so cute. I'm loving the look of your afghan so far, those grannies are precious!

  2. I know! They were soo cute! But it was a little scary with mom and dad goose right there! hehe And thank you for the compliment! I am excited about the afghan. I am about half way done putting the squares together, so more pics, soon!