Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sunny work day...

Well the primary has been keeping me more than busy! But there are only 5 days left, so after Tuesday I will have a little break!

But I do have to say that I love my job, and even my bad days are not that bad (although my family may say And today was a great day!  It was one of the first really super nice days of spring here, and after riding my bike home from a morning meeting, I set up my computer outside in the backyard.

It was so nice to sit outside with the animals, listen to some tunes and get tons of work done.  I know how I am working tomorrow!

Here is a great pic of B.W., my buff orpington, taking in some sun....

Hehe...she is funny...

Hope you enjoy some sun this week, too!  Talk more soon (and more consistently after the primary! :)



  1. yay for sunshine! and chickens in the sun! and working in the sunshine on your computer! we finally had some sunshine here today, it totally has a way of making everything ok :)

  2. It sure does! Too bad that this week is not as nice!

  3. B.W. is too cute with her leg extended froggy style! Samson used to do this when he was young always so funny.