Sunday, June 13, 2010

Clean house and yard + graduation party for the sis = awesome time!

This week was a tough week.  Work was kicking my butt, and my hubby and I were working hard to clean the house for the upcoming graduation party (which took place yesterday) for my sister's graduation.

Yesterday, we finished the up the house and the yard just in time for the graduation.  Here are a few pics of the yard in all its glory.  Turned out great!

We made a yard 'divider/focal point' with old doors hinged together.

I found this cool vintage fabric that I put out for the tablecloth.  And some of my daisies and mint from the yard.

This is the new watering can set up for the pond....

We also did a dry stream bed that comes off of the pond.

I also have to share a pic of my lovely daisies that have been going crazy in the front yard....I love the whole 'sea of flowers' feeling!

Anyway, the family all rolled into town, along with lot's of friends.  It was so awesome to see my sis walk at her graduation.  So proud of her!

We partied it up afterward in our yard, at lots o'food, and enjoyed the perfect weather.  And when it got dark, we made a fire in our little fire thingy.  I have to say that I am lucky to have such great family and friends!  I know I had a blasty blast!

Today, I am taking it easy, doing a little catch up work, and we are all going to Bring Recycling, one of my favorite places to check out recycled building stuff, and more! (I think I have talked about them

Hope the rest of your weekend is restful, and that you have a great week!


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  1. The yard looks great Ash - I love the shasta daisies. I am sorry we had to miss the graduation and the party.