Sunday, January 24, 2010

This week-

Even though I caught a cold, it has been a great week!   Last Saturday we went to visit my parents on the Oregon Coast. It was super windy and rainy, and the power went out for almost all of Sunday!  But we had fin anyway, played Simpsons Uno and talked.  Monday there was enough of a clearing that we could go to the beach for a few....

High tide!  This is my hubby playing on a tree that was swept in.

Then I came home and had to be a couch potato for much of the time I was not at work.  But Thursday eve Ric and i bought our dog a backpack so he can carry stuff when we go out running!  So excited!  Not sure what JB, our dog, thinks yet....

My dog, JB, in his new back pack :)

Friday we went to the local Good Earth home show, and had a blast!  I love seeing businesses working to be more green, and orgs trying to help people become greener.  I bought about $50 worth of seeds for my upcoming garden (, found some adorable plant markers made from old silverware and glass ( and Ric bought me a new metal waterbottle with an adorable owl on it!  And speaking of owls, the Birds of Prey exhibit was there and they had owls....they are sooo cool!  They also had alpacas....

I want one!

Yesterday, I felt so accomplished!  I worked in the yard, did a run to the dump, had coffee with a friend and then went out and canvassed for Measures 66 & 67.  If you live in Oregon and have not voted, I think these are VERY important and they need to pass.  We are looking at about $800 million in budget cuts if they do not pass.

But another thing that I realized yesterday that I love about canvassing, other than the obvious fact that I am helping a cause I care for, is that I love It is a great way to see how other people have done their houses, their animals, their yards...etc.  I love it!

And finally, today I worked a little, then bought potting soil for the seeds I need to start.  Ric and I are going to go buy the new Wii Fit Plus :) and then out for bowling with friends....overall I would say it has been a pretty great week and a half!

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