Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Skating, and other news

I realized that I have not been on here for a while!  Well a few quick updates...

I am skating now!  I watched Whip It recently and totally wanted to do roller derby.  Then we went to a local derby bout and had a great time.  To top it off, my sister decided to have part of her birthday at the skating rink. Since then we have been trying to go once a week.  And I bought these...

Sweet, right?  It is such a good workout and so much fun!  Derby watch out!

In other news....

We have friends that brew beer and they recently let us come over and brew.  And now our baby beer is waiting for about 2 more weeks....

And we can drink our beer!  I have decided that not only is this way cheaper (less than a buck a beer) but more enviro.  Reused bottles and 6-pack holders! ;)  I think we could really get into this.  I think it is easier than canning!

Work is getting much crazier, and this weekend is a long weekend in Bend (Central Oregon) and then across the state to the coast for work over there.  But at least they are beautiful places with great people.

Happy February!



  1. Are you all skating over at the world of skating? That place has the same carpet on the floors and walls as they did in 1980!

  2. Haha! We are skating at Skate World! I don't think they have ever updated any of the furnishings there!