Saturday, June 18, 2011

Well the rain is back...but the sun is around the corner

It seems that we can't quite get a full week without rain.  Today is one of those rainy days.  But I am enjoying my day very much anyway.  I am sitting on my couch, in the first sweater I knitted...

(an over-sized hoody that I love but is maybe not the most flattering thing in the world.)

The goal today is to finish the thigh high leggings that I have been working on for months!  Hmmm....I think I will get some cocoa soon, too.

Here is the progress of the leggings so far.  I found the patter here at Lion Brand Yarn.

One down and only half way left to go on the other.  I started them last year and have set them down a lot.  But I have been listening to the YarnCraft podcast a lot lately, and that has made me want to get back to the needles.

Even though it has been crazy weather, I am happy to have my beautiful daisies blooming again.  Had to share with you...

Hope you enjoy this wonderful weekend, no matter the weather!


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  1. Friend I think that the rain will never end, but at least you are making cool stuff!!