Friday, May 31, 2013

Feature Fridays is back, baby! Let's meet Noble Knits!

It is long overdue that I return to my blogging, especially Feature Fridays!  Today I am excited to share with you a blog who I discovered through my hours (and hours) on Pinterest.  (I am still unsure if Pinterest is the best thing to come along....or the worst!  I am on it way too much!)  But I digress.  This fun knitting blog is called Noble Knits.  I love their welcome message to their page, in particular this quote:

"Lots of people think knitting has to be complex and intimidating. Not us. We like to take a fun approach to knitting always remembering that it's a hobby - a great way to relax, unwind and relieve some stress."

It is a great point. I started out in fiber arts as a crocheter through and through, but eventually decided to try knitting.  And my first attempts made me think it was way too complicated.  But after a break and then trying it again, I am definitely glad I did. 

Anyway, I love this site because it has tons of great patterns and ideas for knitting.  For example, check out this cute cowl combo pattern:

Super cute, right?

Or how about this cowl? (I am into cowls a lot lately...)

I love that they have all these great one weekend patterns.  

What...oh, you don't knit?

That is ok.  This blog is still a lot of fun to peruse.  

Maybe you are still into yarn and crafting in other ways?  Then you should check out her great insider info on yarns, like the May Recap - Top 10 Yarns....

She also has a section for felting and for crocheting and more!

And if you do knit, they have an awesome resource for you.  The Knitting Doctor!  How cool is that?

So go poke around and maybe have some fun taking on a new, quick and satisfying new project.  Or just have fun looking at pretty projects in gorgeous yarns and ask your knitting friends to make you something.  

Thanks for sharing, Noble Knits, and happy Friday!


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