Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New job craziness-

SO the new job is great!  It is keeping me really busy already though.  And while there are some great things to working at home, there are also some bad things, like feeling like I need to work during all my waking hours.  I will definitely need to work on that one!

There are also a couple of other things that being so busy with the job hinders:

1) Running - I finally went running today for the first time in like 2 weeks or so!  I have to say that I was sort of happy that the dog was so tired.  Made me feel better!  I can't believe I am doing a half marathon in less than a month.

2) Garden - I am so behind with the garden! But on the bright side, my starts are doing great!

Baby tomatoes!

3) The housekeeping- I have yet to train the hubby to really help with the house work...lol.  We had been working hard at cleaning up the garage and doing dump and thrift store runs, but then I was gone the last couple weeks for the new job...so it seems we have taken a step back.  Oh well, there is always this weekend!

But even with all these things, I am really loving the new job.  I love being in the know, working with local elected officials, and helping save the environment at the same time.  :)



  1. those tomato plants are fired up and ready to go - we just have to have a little more warmth outside

  2. sounds great!! love ya! :)Masha

  3. Thanks! Annette - I will have a few extra tomato and pepper starts if you guys might want them!