Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day to all!

Happy Earth Day!

I have been celebrating Earth Day all week!  It helps that the organization I work for is environmental, because that has kicked off the week with a great event we do called "Eat for the Earth" in which restaurants give a certain percent of their proceeds to OLCV when you eat there.  Check it out here!

I also registered for the half marathon!  I am totally stoked, and feeling a little like I am crazy! :)  But when you sign up for the run, they have a spot where you can buy carbon credits to off-set the footprint of the race.  I am sorta poor, so I only bought one, but I feel pretty good about that!

Tomorrow I go to Portland to my org's big fundraising event of the year!  I get to get all dressed up and schmooze with people, something I love to do. It should be quite the Earth Week event to be at!

Then I come home, and on Saturday I run a canvass for a local candidate running for county commissioner.  She is great, and is also a champion for the environment!

So happy Earth Day and week to you all!


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