Friday, September 24, 2010

A Little Town Called Clio

This last weekend I got to duck out of work and have a little adventure to see my parents in California in this adorable little town called Clio (which is pronounced 'kl-eye-oh') where they have been living and working for a bit.  They are about to take to the road again, so I had to see them before they make me jealous and go to AZ... ;)

Clio is near another little area called Graeagle and Sierraville.  All are a little over an hour away from Lake Tahoe.

I took the train down to Chico, CA and arrived at the train platform (no station...) at 4:30am.  I was lucky enough to have a very sweet cab driver give me a free ride 6 blocks to the 24hr breakfast place called Jacks.  He was worried about me walking at that time, and I took him up on the ride as there was a weird guy walking near me...

Then I went to a cute coffeeshop around 6am.  Look at the cute building it was in...

Chico is a cute town.  I will defintely have to check it out more in the future.  I did a little window shopping and thought this 'hardware' store was great! Check out all the canning stuff!  I know a few friends that would go crazy there!

Then we were on the road to Clio.  Here are a few shots of the beautiful drive there....

This last one is the view from the place they are staying in Clio.

Me all geared up for my motorcycle ride with dad!

Here we go!  Later that day we went first time ever golfing! (Well, I have mini-golfed, does that count? haha)

The next day we took a drive around the entire perimeter of Lake Tahoe!  We started here at this cool monument that tells about the lake.  The perimeter of the lake is 72 miles!

Windy day at Lake Tahoe.

What a cool view!

We had to stop a few times for the awesome views.  

Silly me...thumb in the pic!  Hi Mom!  How did your pic come out? :P

This island (above) has a little castle on it.  I have yet to look up the reason why...but I found myself daydreaming about being the queen of the little island in the middle of Lake Tahoe....

Then we went down to the little stream that runs through Clio.  (Actually, I think it might be a river, but it was looking more like a stream at this time of the year.) If you look carefully, you can see one of the beavers that live there!

And I just had to take a pic of the cows!  

Thanks mom and dad for a great weekend!

Since then, it has been back to work, back to reality! It's my busy season, but only 5 more weeks of being crazy busy, then a little rest.  This trip to Clio was a great reprieve!

Have a great weekend!


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