Monday, September 6, 2010

So much to do, so little time-

Wow!  I can't believe it has already been a week and a half since my last post, and since Ric left!  It has been so busy, and I am definitely missing my man a lot.  We get to talk almost everyday, though, which helps a lot.

Since I was last online, I have worked a BUNCH, run quite a bit and then took Friday off to go camping with friends.  Here are a few pics from that adventure. :)  

My doggie, JB, all tuckered out after Andi and I took him for a run/tour of the campgrounds.

Somehow my tent was a mess within the first  Did I mention that it has been years (like 5 or 6) since I have been camping?  That is crazy ridiculous!  Not anymore, by golly!

Friends and doggie and our messy table :P

Camp fire!  Love it!

Then we came back on Saturday and picked up our half marathon packets.  And Sunday morn (yesterday now) we ran!  We did so great!  Pics to come, but we did the 13.1 mile half marathon in 2hrs and 24minutes!  (My friend was a little faster than me at the end, so she finished just a bit sooner).  It was about 15 mintes faster than our last one!

So tomorrow I am finally taking some time to get my house in order.  It is crazy dirty and messy, and then just tonight the neighbor knocked on my door to let me know the dog had gotten into his yard under the fence. :(  Guess I also have a yard and fence area to work on, too.

Have a good Labor Day!  


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  1. Have a good Labor Day Ash!
    We are in cleaning mode over here too.