Thursday, August 26, 2010

My man is off to China....

This morning I got to go see my hubby off at the airport on his journey to China.  I thought I would be strong, but it is a lot harder than I thought.

He will be gone for 2 months to go learn more Chinese, kung fu and have the adventure of a lifetime.  I am super proud of him for going and following something that seemed destined not to happen for quite some time.  I am also already feeling the strangeness of being alone...

You can check out his travel blog here.  I know he is still on the plane, and if my calculations are right, he should be landing in Beijing in the next hour or so.  Then he will be heading to his hostel to settle in for his evening (as he will be arriving at 3:45pm or so in the future).  And then I am hoping he will be calling me to ease my worried mind.

He took his video camera, so it should be a fun blog to follow!

Safe travels to my man and to all-


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