Saturday, November 27, 2010

4 day weekend?!

It is so strange!  I have definitely been enjoying it, but it has been a while since I have had a 4 day weekend where there was not some definitive reason for it.  For example, going on a trip to see family (ok maybe that is the only reason I have 4 days off in a

I had a great Thanksgiving with just me and my hubby and we made tons of food that we have enjoyed for basically all meals since. :)

And yesterday, I finally painted the ceiling in the bathroom and started to put it back together.  It is basically done, other than I need to repaint the cabinets at some point (currently an ok green, but want them to be blue) and I need to get some more art in there.

But to show off a little of what I have done....

I had an old window that the glass broke out of and I decided to put in some wire mesh stuff (forgot the technical if you read this...ask dad what its called for me...hehe) on the back and turn it into my new jewelry display.

I have trouble getting mollies into the wall, so I opted for leaning it on the shelf and adding my Marylin like necklace holder.  Trying for a bit of the country/shabby chic to go with the vintage-y theme of the overall bath.

I also thought I would post some little 'shelves' I made a while back (like years...)  They are just parts (lid and bottom) of a nice thick box I had that I then paper-mached with vintage store bought papers.

And for the close ups....

The little 'lid' one and....

The bottom part of the a pretty little shelf.  

Today has been a bit of eating (more), relaxing with my man, and now that he is at work, I will be getting to work on Christmas crafts.  Did you know that there is less than a month now??  Akk!

Hope you have a great rest of your Thanksgiving Day weekend!


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