Sunday, March 27, 2011

Rain, rain...go away....

And come again another day...maybe in the summer!  It has been raining for weeks here in Eugene!  And sometimes we get a bit of hail as well.

Well, last weekend, in a small break we had (well, break in rain - we did have sun and hail at the same time, though), I got a chance to work in the garden in a bit and till it up.

Garden all tilled! 

A quick break to watch my fishes. :)

I loved seeing all the earthworms in my garden!

My overwintered lettuce and some bulbs (garlic or onion...I can't remember).

My chicks got to enjoy a bit of a break in the weather.  I took them into the garden to see the outside world for a bit.

They are reaching their awkward teenager phase.  Crazy hair-dos and finding their place in their pecking order.... Not all that different from people now that I think about it!

I can't wait for them to move outside, as cute and entertaining as they are.

Today, my friend and I went for a run (training for the full marathon this year).  We left with it seeming like a light rain and we stayed fairly dry...up until we were basically as far away as we could be from her house.  Then it started DUMPING!

But we muddled through, and are better for it!  We did about 13 miles today!

Hope your weekend was great (and a little less wet!)


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  1. Is that a small Koi? (I got dumped on too while biking!)