Monday, March 14, 2011

Wine bottling at RainSong Winery

My lovely organization does fundraisers in order to do the great work that we do!  Last weekend RainSong Vineyard let us come over and bottle wine as a fundraiser.  It is a great event and a ton of fun, all in a beautiful, Oregon setting.

One of the things we love about Eugene, and Oregon really, is that we can drive about 20-30 minutes out of town and be in the wilderness.  Here are a few shots from this weekend - which was definitely memorable!

My friend Shelby and I

A creek by the local pond

The vineyard

Wine bottling assembly line

But then....

A storm hit!  There was driving rain and the wind was quite strong.  It ended up blowing over trees and power lines and....

then we had to finish our job in the dark.  

Bottling in the candlelight

The finished product of our "Swallowtail Rouge" basking in the glow of candlelight.  (My hubby did many of these great photos!)

It was beautiful, memorable and makes me happy that I get to be part of this great organization!

And thanks again to RainSong for their great support!



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