Monday, May 7, 2012

The things I do for my chickens....

Well....I have yet to finish the fencing project to keep my chickens out of my garden.  This new fencing project culminated from 2 things: 1) The 2nd time the chickens figured their way out their run and ate all my new plants and 2) the snowstorm here ruined all kinds of bushes in the yard.  

So I began putting together a fence from the broken bushes.  But it is taking much longer than I had initially planned, and I had purchased some plants that just could not wait any longer to be planted.

So...I planted them all in containers and put them in the front yard.  

Pepper, garlic, and basil....

Peas in the foreground, more basil in the middle and hard to see, but greens in the back.

And more peas and some chard mixed in.

I hope they do good! I guess they will do better than in the back yard with the chickens! hehe  

We shall see if I can get the garden fence into shape soon so I can plant tomatoes, corn and squash!


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