Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Oh man, sometimes life gets in the way of blogging!

Well, everyone.  I am sorry to have been super neglectful as of the last couple weeks!   My life has been something else as of late, and I must admit that, while I will try to be better, I may be a little M.I.A. until after the election since I work in politics!

Last weekend, however, I totally bailed out and went camping along the beautiful McKenzie River.  It was sooo nice and sooo needed.  

Mmm...cookies and tea while camping.

How gorgeous is this river?  It is the river that many of the towns nearby get our drinking water, a great river for rafting, and absolutely beautiful to camp along.

And then last weekend, I used much of the weekend to put some food up for the upcoming busy work season.  Plum sauce, plum jam, breads, applesauce, and frozen soups.  MMMM!  Oh, and I will be soon sharing the recipe for my apple empanadas which I am seriously loving.  Here is a peek at the pretty little guys.

Fried little pockets of goodness.


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