Saturday, September 22, 2012

Feature Friday... paper-and -string

This week I'd like to feature one of the first blogs I ever really got into.  It was before I began blogging, and I was really getting into felt as a medium.  I was searching everywhere on fun designs and ideas with felt and came across paper-and-string.  Her blog walks through her crafting life, and I have loved watching her move from her home into a real art studio and organize her crafting world.  It has been an inspiration to see someone take their crafting business to new levels and succeed.  

One of the first things I loved on her site and had to try making was her little hand-stitched felt purses from her tutorial. How cute are these?

I, of course, forgot to take pics of the ones I made for friends for Christmas before sending them off.  Harumph.  But other people remembered better than I, and they have shared their creation at paper-and-string's felt purse flicker group.  Love it!

Like I said, she has been making little felt cuties for her etsy store for some time.  They are totally adorable, every single one of them.  Like check out some of these little guys to get ready for the holiday rush. 

Teehee!  They are so cute!  

And ack!!!  How can you not love these little guys!?

I think I'd call it an army of adorable!

So go check her site out for more inspiration, cute tutorials, and see what you need at her etsy store.  Paper-and-string, thanks for sharing with us!


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