Friday, December 6, 2013

Moving to the Central Coast of CA!

It has been a whirlwind as of late!  We are finally settling into our new digs, but I have to share some of the travel/moving fun with you all....

The trip started out well, but there was never a point where we were not a little (or a lot!) freaked out by driving our 26ft Winnebago.  Whether over the passes (clear, but the downgrades are tough), through traffic near San Fran or on Hwy 101 with the bad wind and road work.

The animals actually did pretty well, and the cats seemed to enjoy the sun that we started getting as we got further south.

Kaitlin's kitty was feeling more secure in her carrier....

But Lacy and JB were good to go!

The view from the Winni....

And then we got to the ranch....

Feeding time!

Gloria the pig gets some treats from Kaitlin.

The views from our new spot on the ranch....

Our little set-up.

And funny Charlie, one of the ranch cats... (he also rides on the farm equipment!)

This is the nearby town, Paso Robles....

Such a cute little downtown!

Much more to share soon!  Hope the holiday season is treating you all well!


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  1. Fabulous and proud for you for making the move. blog swap!