Thursday, January 2, 2014

Making our little RV a Home

After we arrived, we had worked hard to make our little RV “Oliver” a home for us.  First was to find a kitchen table that would fit in our space but that we could move to clean, etc.  After much searching, we decided that we could not find something just right.  So we decided to make ourselves one.  We needed materials, so we took the pallets from our solar panel and decided to make it into a our new little table.

After disassembling the pallet, we began to create our new table…

Ric and Kaitlin working on the table…

It’s coming together!

Final touches…Ric used a torch to create burns in the wood.  Then after a little clear varnish, viola!  I just love it!  It fits perfectly and looks great!

Next was to create some slipcovers for the furniture that existed in the RV.  We put some cute fabric to use and made slip covers for the dinette and the pull-out couch.  We used the same fabric that we used on the couch for a privacy curtain at the front of the cab part of the RV.

(Privacy curtain at the back and our sorta messy little table.)

(The couch with its new cover)

(Ok, totally looks messy here, but I assure you this is pretty organized for this tiny space!  Check out my cute little slip cover to the right on the little dinettes with the little pockets.)

Added a cute little chandelier (found this on sale and made of cardboard, so it is perfect!)

It is a little messy still, but that may just be part in parcel for such a tiny space.  We always have something we are working on out.

More soon on our crafting exploits in Paso Robles and in San Miguel!


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