Wednesday, January 29, 2014

2014 and A New Manifesto...

It is finally done.  And I am pretty pleased with it.  Here is my 2014 Manifesto.  As you may know if you have followed my blog, several years ago I found a post by a fellow blogger on their own manifesto (post with links here) and I thought it was a grand idea for making resolutions and seeing them all the time to remind myself of what I wanted to accomplish.

Last year I took a pic of the one that I printed and hung...

I feel like I did ok...I did run the half marathon, I did more gardening and made more food at home.  I sort of rode my bike more...and did grow the blog some.  We explored when we could, and while we did not buy a farm yet, we are well on our way with our move to Central CA.

This year, I feel like I have great goals and resolutions.  Things I can really work toward and are important to me.  Or reminders to slow down and check out something new. 

If you want to make your own, I did this all on google draw.  I had a lot of fun checking out all their fun fonts and playing with the design.  Nothing super fancy, but fun nonetheless!

What are your goals for 2014?

Happy New(ish) Year!



  1. It is so fun to follow you! To see your manifesto from last year and know what you are doing this year is inspiring- Tracy

    1. Thanks, Tracy! We have definitely been having fun (but also having those 'what-are-we-doing?!' days, too!) But it is a great adventure and I am excited for this new year!