Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Crafty Market Fun...

Just before the holidays, Ric, Kaitlin and I set out to sell our crafty wares at a couple of the local fairs and markets here in the area.  First we set out to the Saturday Farmers and Crafters Market in nearby Paso Robles.  Held every weekend, year round (unless really increment weather…like rain…haha!) this little market is very sweet and a lot of fun to be involved with.  While it was chilly, it was sunny and bright. 

After closing that table up around 1:30pm, we drove out to our little town of San Miguel to set up for the Christmas Electric Lights Parade and Craft Faire.  It was a great showing of all the folks in town and a great opportunity to meet some of the people who reside here.  We had a lot of fun chatting with the kids that just loved Rocket Pack Crafts and showing off upcycled goods from my side, 23 point 4 degree tilt. 

The little parade held after dark was just adorable!  We had so much fun seeing all the cars in the parade lit up, Santa on the fire truck, and the mariachi dancers of all ages (the kids were too cute!  Sorry, no good pics from it, though.)

We have since decided to continue doing the Saturday Market and have now done our 4th one this last Saturday.  With gorgeous weather, Kaitlin, Ric and I have had fun talking to people and selling our goods.  We have been working on a better displays, etc, each time, and each time we are little nicer!

Hope you had a great New Years!!  Can’t wait to share the new New Year’s thoughts and ideas with you soon!


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