Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Joys of a new climate...

We are still getting used to the dramatic difference in climate from Eugene, Oregon to San Miguel/Paso Robles, Cali.  And so far we are really enjoying it.  There have been a few really warm days already, which is new, but we have been dealing with it well.  For example, my hubby found a great way to cool off with his 'redneck' pool/hot tub.  It has been cracking us up, but has also come in handy.

When it is warm, no fire, just a cool tub.  And when it is cool, light up the fire, which we pump water through a copper coil in the the fire pit and back to the tub.  Kind of ingenious, that man is.

The other thing that is so different is when to plant our vegis.  We got going early, planting greens and peas in February.  Look at the peas I just harvested already!  In Eugene, we were lucky if it was dry enough in May to even plant!

They were quite delicious.

Peppers are already coming on, and the tomatoes are doing well, too!

With it being sunny so often, the other thing that is different is how many eggs we get from the chickens!  Again, in Eugene, there was less light and was cooler, therefore the chickens molted and then slowed laying for the winter.  

But here, they are always laying!  I forgot to check for a couple of days and was over run with eggs!

Overall, we are loving the change.  We need rain here badly (or should say needed, as it is now past rainy season here), but we are making the most of it, and loving getting to be outdoors so often.  Dinners are outside, relaxing in the tub or hammock outside, or even my 'mobile office' that I set up outside....

Just me and the dog out on a hill doing our work.  Not too shabby.

Hope you are enjoying your Spring, wherever you may be!


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  1. Eggs. I used to find eggs in the hay loft, at the top of the bales,which reached to the top of the 2 story barn. Once I found 30 eggs and all were good to eat. The yolks were orange in color. But the landlord made me put the chickens in a fenced area because he didn't want chicken poop on the hay. Tamara