Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy new year!

But before we jump into the new year, I will step back into the past of ol' 2010 to show off a few things. :)

Due to making presents for people that read this blog, I was unable to post most of the things that I made.  And then- to top it off- I forgot to take pics before I wrapped most of them!! Ugg!

But I did manage to get a few pics and can illustrate a few of the things I made with other means. 

These are some little tiny cork boards for several of my family members.  They are a few dollar store frames painted white and given fun felt flower and button embellishments.  The inspiration came from one of my very favorite blogs - LollyChops!  She is so creative and I just love the things she comes up with!  Thanks!

The thing that I think I spent the most time working on...well I forgot to get a pic of it.  But it is the Deady Bear (a teddy bear that died due to a giant bee stinging it in the chest) which is from the Son of Stitch and Bitch book. :)  It is all stuff to knit for guys. (When you click the link - you can scroll through the pics to get to the deady bear but it is one of the last pics)

I did manage to get a picture of Larry, the recipient of this awesome bear, whilst opening it. 

Haha!  He loved it! :D

While we were in Klamath Falls for the holidays, it snowed!

This is the great view from my grandparents' house.

And this was the tracks from the car when we tried to get up the driveway. ;)

But enough about last year!  Happy new year everyone!  New post to come to talk about the new year soon!


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