Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Now that the holidays are over...here is what I made!

Well...due to potentially spoiling gifts, I decided not to post any of the things that I made for the holidays on the blog.  So now I can share with you all the fun stuff that I made!  Ok...well...not all, as I forgot to take pics of all the things.  But here are the ones that I remembered!

First, and one of my favs...I made my man and his best friend/cousin matching beard hats!  I got the pattern here at I'm Topsy Turvy.  A big thanks to Topsy for sharing this awesome pattern (and so I didn't have to figure it our myself!)

Don't they look awesome!  They are possibly the manliest men on the planet. :)

Next, I have to say that I had way too much fun with these pillows and they will soon become a staple in my near future biz. 

Now you can feel more secure with a gun under your pillow at all times....hehe

Don't we all need a pineapple pillow?

Man...I was just cranking out the fun/funny gifts this year...this is the last one I will share, but it might be one of the best!!

For the animal-friendly person/bad hunter in your life....

So cute and no animals were harmed to make him! hehe
Hope you had a wonderful holidays season and got to try out some fun crafting!  Hmm....now to decide what to make now that the holidays are over...


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