Tuesday, March 6, 2012

2 Felt Tutorials for You!

Hi there!  I just love to play with felt when I want to make gifts for friends.  Felt gifts are quick to make, but always come out super cute!

I want to share 2 tutorials with you from my recent makings...


First...the flower pin....

1.  Start with making petals in the size you'd like. I cut out 6 petals, but then decided I liked the look of 5 better.

2. Cut out the same shape but slightly smaller of a contrasting color for the inner petals.

3. Take some embroidery floss (I used 3 strands) and begin sewing through both petals by adding a definition line down the petal combo.

4. Fold bottom of petal combo and sew through it to add shaping.

5. Repeat and start sewing together at shaped side of the petals.

7. Now that they are all sewn together....

8. Cut out the contrasting color for the center of the flower to a size that covers the rough spots of the petals.

9. Blanket stitch (Futuregirl has a nice tutorial for blanket stitch here) the center of the flower.

10. I found a while back a bunch of vintage buttons.  Find something you love to add as the 'pistol' of the flower.

11.  Add a pin sewn or glued onto the back, or add a barrette.  Use to embellish a hairband or your favorite outfit! 

Now...to the mini felt pouch....

This is super cute and super easy to make!

1.  Cut out a piece of felt about 3 inches wide by 8 inches long.

2. Fold to create pouch part....

3. And leave some at the top to eventually fold over to make the closing top of pouch.

3 1/2.  I sort of skipped this part in the pics...sorry!  But this is where you would embroider on your design to the pouch before sewing it up. 

4. Blanket stitch around folded pouch and around top of pouch.  Also cut a small slit the size of your button for the closure and blanket stitch around the button hole.

5.  Sew on your button and admire your work!  Great for cosmetics, could make a little smaller for biz cards (I am making one for just this purpose), or change the size for your sunglasses. 

Enjoy!  If you make some, share your creations by emailing me at amiller37@gmail.com!


UPDATE - Check out this tutorial and lots of other great tutes at A Law Student's Journey for their Tute Tuesday!  


  1. These are lovely gift ideas! I especially like the flower headband.

    1. Thanks, Tracy! I always have fun making things out of felt. If you try making one, would love for you to share a pic!