Monday, March 5, 2012

Sneaky gardening and sunny Sunday....

Yesterday was so sunny out!  It was a great day, filled with all kinds of good (and maybe not as good) let me tell....

First, my friend and I ran 14 miles!  We are prepping for the Eugene Marathon at the end of April, and boy was that a run!  Next weekend is 16 miles, and I am feeling a little wary of it.

Then, I got home and ate some yummy soup I'd made and showered and then ran out into the yard to hurry and get some sneaky gardening in.  I call it that because I didn't have much time and it was only sunny the cold front has moved back in.

For sneaky gardening, first I let the animals out to enjoy the yard and some of the early blooming flowers....

(I love little check butts!  So fluffy and cute!)

And then I jumped into the garden and turned over my first plot to be sowed...with peas (seen here), as well as kale, lettuce mix, spinach and arugula.  Yummy!  And I am just more and more proud of my overall situation in the garden...see the straw?  It is from the chicken coop, and I put it out in the winter to start breaking down with the fertilizer and now it will act as awesome mulch.  So happy!

But then....I seemed to forget my senses and left the gate open a little while cutting down brambles in the side yard...and the dog ran out!  Silly dog...he had been so good, but he seems to think it is a game when he gets out.

About 45 minutes later, my hubby and I caught up to him playing in a drainage ditch/canal thing in the water...

Look at that wet dog!  

Well, after that it was time to go get a beer and some food.  We met up with a friend at the Ninkasi Brewery (if you have yet to have Ninkasi, you are missing out!) Then we ended the evening watching the new Sherlock Holmes movie at our discount theater.

All in all, a pretty darn good day!

Hope you also had a great weekend!



  1. I love seeing the chickens and the dog. I can't believe he is still racing off when he sees an opportunity.

    1. I know...I was too trusting, because he had been being so good! 10 years old and still a little pain in the behind! :) One of these days I will get you over to come visit the chickens!