Monday, March 19, 2012

My first knitting pattern... drumroll.... leg warmers!

So excited...whilst making these legwarmers I realized that I actually knew what I was doing...and that I had created my own pattern!  I feel like this means I have graduated to a real knitter!

These were fun and easy to make.  Here is how you can make these leg-warmers that can be worn any time of the year!

Ash's Comfy, Quick Leg Warmers


US 9 (aka 5.5mm) double pointed needles (set of 5)
2 skeins of worsted weight yarn (I used Vanna's Choice purple)


Pattern is made for a medium sized leg - calf size 14-15in
In parentheses you will find adjustments for small and large that will look like....
ex: (sm-56, lg-64)


DPN's- Double Pointed Needles
Kn- Knit
P- Purl
St- Stitches
Kn2tog- Knit two together

Le Pattern:

Cast on 60 (sm-56, lg-64) using 2 strand cast-on method (here is a vid for this method - I like this method because it allows for more give to fit over the foot)  and distribute evenly onto 4 of the  DPN's.

You are starting at the calf section of the leg-warmer.  The first pattern will be knit 2, purl 2 pattern for ribbed top.

1st Row: Beginning with Kn, and being careful not to twist the piece, join the ends and place marker.  This will start the Kn2, P2 ribbing pattern.  Continue ribbing until piece measures 3 inches. 

Variation - Something I might do in my next pair is either add a contrasting color strip or do the ribbing in a contrasting color.

Next row: Knit only.  Continue for next 6 rows.

Next row (decrease row):  After the above 6 rows of knit, you will have your first decrease row.  At the beginning of each of the needles on this row, kn2tog, giving you 56 (sm-52, lg-60) stitches left on needles.

Next 6 rows: Knit only

Next row: Decrease row as above, now 52 (sm-48, lg-56) stitches on needles.

Next 6 rows: Knit only

Next row: Decrease row as above, final time, to 48 (sm-44, lg-52) stitches on needles.

Next row: Continue in knit only patter for desired length, keeping in mind that we will add 3 inches of ribbing at the bottom.  (I made the knit only about 7 inches long)

Once you have reached the desired length of knit only, begin final ribbing by switching back to kn2, p2 until final ribbing reaches 3 inches.  Then loosely bind off (this is important...I have have many a time had things not fit because I bound off too tight.)

Finally, take a crochet hook and slip the string from the bind off through the first stitch of that last row to complete the row and tie off and weave in ends.

And viola!  

Wonderful leg warmers to show off over your fav jeans or with your going-out-on-the-town skirt!

Enjoy!  Let me know if you have any questions!


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